When will my order ship?

I am now shipping ALL orders on Mondays! Thank you for your patience while I try this out!

My sticker order hasn’t arrived yet…

If you are within the US give stickers 1-2 weeks to arrive. If you are international please allow a month for stickers to arrive. The postage I use is inexpensive but sometimes takes a while! Please do contact me if your stickers don’t show up after a month.

Why is shipping so expensive to my country?

Unfortunately shipping anything more than a letter international from the US is pretty expensive. I have it as low as I can have it <3 If you want to get something internationally but don’t want to pay the high shipping price, grab some stickers! I can ship them much more affordably!


✦ Supplies ✦

What sketchbook do you use?

My most frequently used sketchbook is a Strathmore Mixed Media sketchbook! I also like Mossery Sketchbooks

What are your favorite supplies?

  • Winsor and Newton Watercolors

  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

  • Winsor and Newton Ink

What camera do you use for your videos?

  • Sony a5100. I use the kit lens it comes with a 35mm lens.

  • I edit my videos using Adobe Premier, I used to use Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

What paper do you use for loose drawings?

  • Strathmore Mixed Media Paper

  • Strathmore Cold Press Watercolor Paper


How did you develop your style?

I see style as a fluid thing. After tackling my 365 project (drawing everyday for a year) I naturally tuned my art towards a better representation of what I envisioned in my head. I find that what helped me improve as an artist was taking a lot of time to improve my skills in order to create art without too much thinking. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But really, who knows?

Did you go to school for art?

I transferred art schools once and dropped out twice. NICE! School wasn't for me. There are TONS of benefits of going to art school such as, networking, expensive equipment + supplies, a concentrated community of artist, awesome opportunities outside of your school, among many other things. I wasn't taking advantage of what it had to offer so I decided to spend my money elsewhere and continuing practicing solo. It seems to have worked out fine. :-)

Do you have any advice for beginner artists?

My best advice for beginning artists is to not overthink it. Once I let go of wanting to make things look a certain way or to look "right," I was able to relieve a lot of stress I had associated with making art. Jump in before you have time to doubt yourself!